Black Men Failing : The Case For African American Executive Wife Training & Sustainable Life Engineering Is Strong

Wifey University aims to empower and aid all aspiring and accomplished Ultimate Wives in getting wise on “A” Game Wifey Strategies including how to help their husbands succeed and sustainable marriage engineering; yet no community is more underserved in command mastery of the get wise when it comes to sustainable marriages and sustainable families than African American women. To prove this position we only need to look at the shameful statistics of more than 50% of Black men going to prisons and more than 90% of Black women unwed. There is no end in sight to this depravity and complete breakdown in strong family models in the African American community.  Strong families are mission critical to building strong communities.


At Wifey University, we believe that the case for African American Executive Wife Training and Sustainable Marriage and Life Engineering is strong. Black men failing in life or being uneducated, undereducated, unemployed or unethical is the manifestation of the failure of Black female leadership to properly wife and parent. Period. Black men failing is the result of Black women failing to P-R-O-T-E-C-T their men and children from every vice known to mankind and clearly a failure to provide a positive productive home atmosphere conducive to developing a strong legacy of CHAMPIONS. Get wise.       




If Black women invested as much time, effort, energy and precision focus into their men and their children as they do on their appearances : hair weaves,  designer shoes; their entertainment : night clubbing, dining out ; and obsessive to narcissistic focus on efforts to look fly; their selfish me-me-me-all-about-me pursuits and the non-productive time wasted watching moronic television shows or chasing after men, they could literally change the game, end several generations of generational curses of failure, ignorance, revolving door incarceration, addictions, broken families, man sharing and a lack of morals, lack of values, poor ethics and selling out that exist within their culture.       




In order to improve life for Black men and children, here as follows are just a few counter-productive behaviors that must cease and desist among aspiring and accomplished African American Ultimate Wives :     

  • No Black man nor child should be emasculated or made to do domestic chores like a Bi*** and this includes cooking, washing dishes, laundry, cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming … GASP! The shame of Ultimate Wifedom is Emasculation-Inducing Domestic Chores like cleaning of any kind ; in this country you can ALWAYS find (someone poorer than the poorest person and …) domestic help that is better suited to do domestic chores or actually wants to do menial domestic chores and this widely available hired help can be compensated for pennies on the dollar and in a way that will not compromise your budget especially if Black women save just 1-10% of their current me-me-me-all-about-me selfish pursuits expenses such as hair weaves, designer clothes, shoe fetish binges, dining out, night clubbing and the endless list of other mind-bogglingly unjustifiable dumb depreciating assets and mass consumerism ways Black women blow money up like smoke ; CHAMPIONS do NOT clean houses and CHAMPIONS do not cook meals in kitchens ; PERIOD!  There are very few exceptions to the rule of CHAMPIONS cooking or cleaning but as a rule any aspiring and accomplished African American wife would be wise to not emasculate her husband or child with cleaning or cooking if her goal is to develop CHAMPIONS; What next ? Will your man be breast feeding, wearing aprons, stilettos, nail polish, lipstick while handing you your work attache’ and kissing you good-bye as you leave for the office wearing the pants in the relationship, while he remains home to be Mr. Mom (emasculated) … Good luck with that! Never works out. The epitome of the emasculated male in America is a Mr. Mom unless he has his own business from home. However, our consensus is that cooking of any kind, and most certainly (GASP!) cleaning and playing role-reversal (in your clothes while you’re off at work being a BO$$, doing his job) is the fastest way to emasculate your husband. This is misdirected feminism at work. If you want a nation full of nitwit enuchs who can’t protect the motherland and won’t be strong, confident, critical thinking men then the Mr. Mom route is the road to take. A Mr. Mom is an absolute threat and embarrassment to the institution of accomplished Ultimate Wifedom. Mr. Mom is a sign of a failed accomplished Ultimate Wife. To be respected by his wife, society and women, period : Men need to be men which equates to being empowered providers with gainful leading man worthy employment first and foremost. Get wise. 


  • No Black man nor child should be exposed to obvious and blatant vice,  which for the remedial learners : a vice is defined as : immorality, wrongdoing, wickedness, badness, evil, iniquity, villainy, corruption, misconduct, misdeeds ; and so therefore, vice includes pornography of any kind, whores, strip clubs, and any vice which is non-sustainable and will ultimately destroy your man and your marriage; It is primarily up to Black women to protect their men and children from vice and she should not be the cause of such corruption otherwise she, acting as vice herself will lead her man into moral decay, corruption, failure and ultimate destruction; which explains the generational curse of ignorance, immorality and the  breakdown in the Black family and the statistics of half of Black men being in prisons, etc. … It defies common sense why Black women find it acceptable to allow their men to not only watch pornography but actually attend strip clubs as if this is an acceptable, positive or productive past time. Blacks attend strip clubs is subliminally and blatantly programmed in many of the mass media shows as if to desensitize Blacks to this ill-reputed past-time. A strip club is no place for a CHAMPION and pornography is not healthy nor productive input for CHAMPIONS. Both are destructive. Sadly Blacks are huge consumers of pornography and strip clubs due to blatant stupidity, lack of morals and their own poor upbringings within broken, misguided families. 


  • No Black man nor child should be forcibly programmed into self-destruction nor exposed to any type of mass media what-so-ever with negative, defeating, self destructive subliminal messages: and yet this is exactly what is primarily available in the 98% of the mass media willfully consumed by Blacks


  • No Black man nor child should be uneducated or undereducated and categorically ignorant especially in America, the world’s greatest super power,  where the opportunities for self learning, online learning and home school are infinite; if you want a world class free education there are infinite resources to develop your own curriculum,  become self taught and homeschool your children;  learn online ; given the current state of most public schools in the country, we advocate that many minority children be homeschooled in a pro-lifelong learner, academically challenging environment ; when you learn, teach your men and children the knowledge you’ve mastered ;  build them up wiser and empower them with knowledge


  • No Black man nor child should role model counter-productive and unethical behavior as a “fad” or trend nor fashion; saggy pants, thug style, disrespect towards women, calling women derogatory names; being abusive towards women in any way or engaging in a life of crime because mass media has made it cool to be a Black criminal is non-sustainable


  • Black women should spend more time in the home to offer oversight, develop, groom, nurture, protect and educate their men and their children, instilling mission critical survive and thrive programming plus morals, empathy, positive global contributor character and a love for learning intelligence 


  • No Black man nor child should be exposed or sacrificed to evil such as pedophilia or situations where they will be sexually abused; and yet the skyrocketing statistics of Black children who are sexually molested or the Blacks who are engaging in pornography as a viable means of employment point to more moral decay of the humpty dumpty collective known as broken Blacks; many Blacks are regularly molested by pedophiles generation after generation; These pedophiles slither in plain view among their communities; Why are the innocent children left vulnerable to be abused and frankly,  even sacrificed to this evil is beyond insanity; its a generational curse of abuse after abuse that is ignored, denied and kept a secret among the Black community; abuse perpetrated by Black family members, church leadership, teachers coaches and neighbors or evil strangers who are entrusted with the most precious asset,  their own Black children; Black women are completely responsible for this abuse because it happens on their watch while they were off amuck doing something they prioritized as more important than caring for or protecting their most important asset; this is the greatest shame of the Black culture – the generational curse of sexually abused Black children and most everyone of these Black children grow up to share the same story of their childhood of sexual abuse ; Sexual abuse including rape is a major problem in Black America and we now know that it has happened to many Blacks including celebrities from Oprah Winfrey to Maya Angelou …  Here’s the question we should ask from now on, who hasn’t been sexually abused as a child in the Black community? Because more people have been sexually abused than no. Why do the Black women continue to turn a blind eye, stick their heads in the sand, enable or co-exist in denial over this horrific childhood sexual abuse? They go off to their meaningless jobs as slaves to rhythm and allow this to happen generation after generation. That’s the definition of insanity. Doing the same thing over and over again, generation after generation (not protecting nor nurturing your children, leaving them to be victimized) and some how expecting a different result …


  • No Black man nor child should be psychologically abused by misdirected feminism which includes selfish me-me-me-all-about-me behaviors where Black women place their own education and careers above raising a healthy, happy, capable, competent family ; Nothing should come before your husband and your children. Nothing. Period.  How educated and how successful are Black women really,  when their marriages suffer? You end up divorced and lonely and your children end up harmed? But … according to career and salary statistics on paper, you’re considered successful. Yeah, right. Ok. At what price ? Look at the collateral damage in the path of your selfish pursuits for your own education or career ambitions. A destroyed husband, failed marriage and screwed up kids. Some legacy. Wake up, Black women. Get the memo :  Its not success if you have collateral damage, divorce, broken homes and screwed up kids and an entire community that epitomizes failure. Get wise. 


  • No Black man nor child should be exposed to verbal abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, or neglect including being ignored and under-loved by a Black wife or Black mother. This is unacceptable and shows how much help BLACK WOMEN desperately need to stop talking at and talking down to their husbands and children. Don’t demean, degrade, criticize nor devalue or scream at and curse at your man and children. But this is literally considered a normal way to communicate in the Black culture; Its harsh words and tough love that Blacks have been conditioned to provide to the ones they supposedly love the most which is why Black women condone such negative, degrading, profane and verbally abusive foul language in return by Black men and mass media; They are programming their generation next to repeat this cycle of demeaning abuse …



  • No Black man nor child should be nutritionally abused and forced to consume (slave) foods that are literally killing them or making them morbidly obese and sick with diseases like preventable diabetes etc; The only reason for over weight Blacks is ignorance by Black women, that and of course laziness ; How many generations of sick, obese Blacks do we need to break out of remedial learning?!? Being obese and having diabetes should become known as a crime in the Black community because being obese and having preventable diabetes equals complete ignorance. Period. So when you see an overweight Black man or child blame an ignorant Black woman for her poor leadership as a wife and a mother and recognize her ignorance for what it is. The ignorance of Black women, however has created multi-billion dollar enterprises for others who profit off of Black ignorance.  Stop killing your men with food and stop killing your children with food and if you as a Black woman are obese with diabetes, stop killing yourself with FOOD. Get wise. 


  • No Black man nor child should be made to feel inferior for lack of skills nor lack of employment; if your husband or your child is unemployed or underemployed and needs employment, Black women should simply get creative and create jobs for their husbands and children including family businesses or better yet, scalable start ups; when you read or hear about or see the reality of high rates of unemployment for any Black man or young person, again we have to look to the Black female  and her poor leadership, her failed wife skills and failed mother skills at play in the equation within the Black family; Where is the Black woman during the husband or young Black person’s  unemployment or underemployment and what is she doing (to rectify the problem or help) ? Is she complaining and screaming at them about bills piling up (probably from her financial illiteracy and out-of-control spending to begin with)  why they can’t find a job? Lack of empowerment, lack of support, lack of creativity and poor survival skills on the part of Black women as wives and mothers is revealed in any situation where Black men are unemployed or underemployed. Complaining and arguing or being upset with your husband or child about not having a job … That’s not helping them succeed. Black women need to lead in creating opportunity in a scenario where Black men are held down by institutionalized racism or other factors ; Black women simply need to get creative to help their husband succeed. Period. Get wise.



  In America, the Black family without regard to socio-economic status can succeed, live a comfortable life and achieve a relevant legacy while experiencing maximum survive and thrive as the embodiment of the American Dream because opportunities abound in this country. Therefore, it doesn’t matter what status you currently have, from welfare to wealth, school drop out to blue bloods to the ivy league, any American including African Americans can succeed in this nation.        




Black women are responsible for leadership as wives and mothers ; successfully executing their strategies in the wife and mother positions;  as mothers and aspiring and accomplished Ultimate Wives Black women must first (obviously) be taught, learn, master and accept their own :  1) Personal Responsibility for the state of Black America, the state of their own marriages or lack thereof; their own men and their own children  2) Resiliency – their own lack of resiliency to transcend challenges and keep their marriages and families in tact while succeeding and maximizing survive and thrive  3) Creativity – their lack of creativity in creating opportunities for their men and children, build wealth and relevant legacies 



For all the personal responsibility, resiliency and creativity Black women claim to have, its clearly not enough with the statistics of mass failure in the Black community, poverty, disenfranchisement, zero wealth, unemployment, broken families, incarceration, ignorance, abandoned and rejected morals, selling out, skyrocketing HIV and the legions of sexually abused children, rampant pedophilia and immorality that exists within the Black community.  As wives and mothers, Black women must LOVE HARDER and DO MORE.   




The key to the Black man and family succeeding rests in Black women :    


  • Getting wise


  • Mastering Executive Wife Training and Sustainable Marriage, Family and Life Engineering



  • Working together as Black women and as a collective to get your cultural house in order 



  • Learning from successful family and business models like the successful American Jewish family model for instance; Jewish families are predominantly always highly successful in every area of their lives and they have very tight knit strong and in-tact families which support one another and the entire Jewish collective ; The model of a strong, close knit and high achievement family is exactly why Blacks should closely observe, take detailed notes, master their family and success (education, career, wealth building, power acquisition) business models, then emulate the Jewish family success models,  respect and learn from Jews. PERIOD! 


  • Maintaining a strong economic empowerment base within Black communities with thriving, relevant Black businesses; whereas now most Black communities lack successful, relevant and sustainable Black businesses; how many barbershops, beauty salons and urban fashion stores do we need in Black communities (non-sustainable) ; most of the sustainable businesses are not only not Black owned but these businesses do nothing but exploit the Black community for their ignorance … 


  • Devoting more disposable income NOT to Black Churches, mass consumerism and hyper-materialism but devote disposable income to building collective BLACK WEALTH together as a collective; So if your church is only vested in Pastors getting rich to show boat in expensive suits, live in mansions and drive congregation paid Bentleys off of the donations or tides of the congregation and if the church isn’t fully vested in a strong Black community and maximum survive and thrive for the entire Black congregation or community – if the church isn’t investing as a majority stock holder in appreciating assets including high achievement Black human capital, stocks, commodities, oil, gas, minerals, energy, real estate, agriculture, export and Black owned businesses then Blacks must stop donating to those institutions and create the institutions where they can build Black wealth and Black empowerment 


  • Protecting Black men and children from vice of every kind; Set relevant goals; be known as the demographic with high morals, high achievement and economic empowerment, political empowerment, law empowerment, educational empowerment, mass media empowerment  vs. what the Black community is known for now :  Mass Under-Achievement, Failure, Prison Inmates, Addiction, Twerkin’ , Drug Dealers and Drug Users,  Man-Sharing Unwed Spinsters and Loose or Promiscuous Women, Dead Beat Dads, Absentee Fathers, No Role Models, Hyper-Materialistic Mass Consumer End Users;  Rampant Promiscuity, Broken Families, Teen Mothers, Poverty, High Debt,  Bad Credit , No Wealth, Low Intelligence, Remedial Learners, Crabs-N-Barrel, Looking For Handouts … 


  • Protecting Black men and innocent children from vice, moral decay and predators including pedophiles and sexual abuse at all cost; making examples out of pedophiles and effectively eliminating pedophiles from society by any and all means necessary; PERIOD. 


  • Cease and Desisting with being enablers; living in denial or being unable to handle corrective criticism. Accept tough love and brutal truth as gifts. Get wise. 


  • Starting a ZERO-EMASCULATION policy within their homes ; taking steps to avoid the continued emasculation or weakening of the Black man or forcing him into servitude or new jack slavery or the lowly skilled  blue collar and domestic duties; instead preserving his CHAMPION potential, his valuable time, his intelligence, energy, focus and strength for the work of a CHAMPION ;  Black men  should be directed only to the higher level tasks, relevant accomplishment and legacy projects like devoting his efforts to entrepreneurship, building his own business, inventing innovative game changing problem solving products and services, pursuing a professional degree, being a BO$$ and being a father … not emasculating low level, low intelligence blue collar tasks like HOUSE CLEANING or COOKING ; Cook for your husband and children. 



  • Start a total nutrition make-over and feed your men and children only healthy primarily plant-based diets; eliminate fatty fried and slave foods and fast foods as mainstays in the Black diet; change the generational cycle of diabetes and obesity and reject the notion that both of these perfectly preventable diseases (fat and diabetes) are synonymous with the Black family 


  • Safe guard your children by setting up co-op mentoring, neighborhood watches, after-school tutoring or best yet — homeschool clubs that offer robotics, entrepreneur clubs, foreign languages and investing clubs in your communities and always protect your children by never leaving them unattended EVER not even for a single moment in the care of others, ESPECIALLY in the care of other (potential undercover pedophiles at work in stealth mode waiting to take advantage of your innocent child) men and questionable ethics loose, untrustworthy and unethical women who are bound to fall asleep at the wheel and leave your innocent child to be victimized by a predator … 



  • Developing strategic economic empowerment, educational empowerment, police and law empowerment, political empowerment and positive mass media empowerment (mass media empowerment that doesn’t promote negative stereo-types of Black men dressed as women, always in roles of thugs, criminals, drug dealers, pedophiles etc; ) to uplift the Black collective 



  • Reject the notion of dating or premarital sex until legal marriage ; stop settling and giving it up and giving away even more of your value; only accept marriage like other successful cultures do ;  No savvy investor will buy the cow when the milk is free  so why are Black women advocating promiscuity, premarital sex, man-sharing and FREE SEX ?!? Nuts!!!


  • Purge the typical angry Black woman attitude problems and loud, difficult argumentative behaviors that Black women are well known for ; gain some emotional maturity, socially appropriate expressions and effective, sustainable communication skills 


  • Begin anew working as a team player with your Black husband; Develop a clearly defined Sustainable Team PlayBook ; Know your position and play the role ; Its sustainable marriage and sustainable families not rocket science


  • Role Model and teach your husband and generation next children personal responsibility, resiliency and creativity as the life force of survival ; maximize survive and thrive by acting out the highest levels of personal responsibility, resiliency and creativity …


  • Shun Black women in your communities who are STRIPPERS, WHORES or DRUGGIES, CRIMINALS, VIOLENT, MAN SHARERS OR HOME WRECKERS, BAD WIVES AND BAD MOTHERS giving the collective and your gender a bad reputation due to vice, immorality and ignorance ; but leave a back door open for them to get wise … 


  • Creative a relevant family business or scalable start up 


  • Become financially literate TODAY and keep learning; Teach one reach one ; Whatever you learn, teach. Whatever you get, give. 


  • Advocate for your husbands and generation next children to pursue innovation and  white collar PROFESSIONAL careers in STEM : science, technology, engineering and math (banking, finance, investments, venture capital)  vs being an entertainer or pro-athlete, the typical Black career ambitions … 


  • Invest some  (up to 50% or more ) of the money you typically blow up in smoke on hair weaves, fake nails, designer clothes, shoes and other end-user consumables into appreciating assets like a retirement account, real estate or viable business and start up … 


  • Disassociate with anyone who is not on a high achievement, healthy, pro-wealth, positive global contributor collaborative and morally sound program 


  • Learn and then teach ; Get and then give to your husbands and generation next children 


  • Envision your men as CHAMPIONS and your generation next as your LEGACY; recognize that with your protection, love, support and wise leadership the self-fulfilling prophecy will manifest itself ; What you think and believe is what you have the power to create ; See your men and children as CHAMPIONS and a part of your LEGACY of GREATNESS and they will inevitably become your CHAMPIONS and your GREAT LEGACY 



The case for empowerment, strategy, positive global contribution, collaboration, helping your husband succeed, learning to please your husband, executive home management, entrepreneurism, Executive Wife Training and  Sustainable Marriage Engineering in the Black community is strong. Master these courses and more at WIFEY UNIVERSITY, the world leader in Executive Wife Training and Sustainable Marriage Engineering. Get wise.        Aspiring and Accomplished Black Ultimate Wives