I’m just going to mention this would-be MARITAL NIGHTMARE SCENARIO just to see how many other ACCOMPLISHED ULTIMATE WIVES would take the same course of action … and/or have the same thoughts on the matter … Submitted for your get wise consideration …




So my husband was away on a business trip a few weeks ago when after I knew his work day and round of meetings had ended,  I attempted to call just to say hello and express my love but unfortunately at the time, without luck I was unable to reach him by phone.


Naturally, after a few hours (less than one)  and several unanswered calls later, as I’m sure any accomplished Ultimate Wife would, I became “concerned” …  I thought perhaps he had a heart attack  in his hotel bed or was possibly on the side of the road hurt in an accident, so I proceeded to phone his mobile phone … no answer. Then I phoned his hotel suite, no answer. So I phoned the front desk of the resort and ask the concierge to send security or the room butler to perform a welfare check  and just as I was comforting myself by mentally perusing my Ultimate Wife due diligence checklist, suddenly the resort clerk asked if he was in the room “alone” …  SILENCEIMAGINE MY HORROR  (at the speed of light, a wild scenario or two or 2,222, 222 if you’re counting popped into my subconscious, something to the effect of my mild mannered husband leading a double life suddenly began circulating through my cerebral cortex). Immediately, BAD RHONDA began to emerge from my GOOD RHONDA persona … So I ever so calmly, calculated in my HGH TARGET HOSTAGE NEGOTIATOR VOICE asked the resort clerk to explain what she meant by asking me IF my husband was alone in the hotel room … ? She replied, “It appears that he has reserved two rooms  under his name and the other room is in the name of another woman –blah blah blah blah





BAD RHONDA (my alter ego, rebellious and unapologetically unmarried and by the way, has never particularly liked my husband if I might add ; she’s also an effective force of mother one-woman-wreckin’ crew nature and perhaps may be a GASP! feminist) was already OUT by this time, fully emerged and ready to move into position … At that very moment I asked the resort hotel clerk to assist me in dialing the LOCAL POLICE and the FBI because I was worried about my husband being missing and wanted to report FOUL PLAY. Infidelity is foul play. Get wise. I would have dialed the NSA had I had their contact # handy.  In my most disciplined and conservative Good Rhonda Ultimate Wife mode voice I responded,  ”WELL, HE HAD BETTER BE A-L-O-N-E especially since I’m his W-I-F-E and I’m all the way here in BEVERLY HILLS and he’s there … Best believe there are NO RHONDAVOUS without RHONDA, present. RECOGNIZE.  My Ultimate Wife non-sustainble marriage engineering failure internal panic button set in. Still couldn’t reach my husband by mobile … Tick tick tick … FINALLY after much marital partner worry and having deployed the authorities to send out search and rescue parties for him … hubby calls me. His response was like : Calm the calamity in your mammaries. His explanation was apologetic but not really because he didn’t see any “issue” at play. He explained by starting off, “Oh Dear, I didn’t get your call because I was at the RESORT SPA getting a treatment and enjoying the sauna and mineral bath.” Regarding the room charges he explained that he put the INTERN’s (Bad Rhonda was thinking Monica INTERN Lewinski by this time) room charges on his corporate card because she hadn’t received her corporate card yet and its a practice he’s obligated as company courtesy to do for all the engineer staff and engineer interns until they receive their corporate card.  He also added that he’s done it countless times before with other interns. So it was quite frankly business-as-usual for him. Professional courtesy.








Just wondering if other women use the local authorities, FBI and resort staff security and room butlers as their extra set of eyes and ears, too the way I do or is it just me going above and homeland security beyond ? Silent diabolical protect your legacy investment chuckles. I love being an Ultimate Wife. And I love my BO$$ Husband.






Moral of the story :




  • Husbands DO COMMUNICATE with your wives C-O-M-P-L-E-T-E-L-Y about such irregularities and eye brow raisers that your wife or a panel of accomplished Ultimate Wives may consider inappropriate, such as reserving rooms for MONICA INTERNS LEWINSKIS


  • There’s a fine line between TRUST and MADNESS. When in doubt, always err on the side of TRUST in your marriage especially if your husband has never given you cause to distrust him. 


  •  In times of crisis, panic or foul play an ALTER EGO with a diabolical penchant for UNIVERSAL SELF CORRECTION and DOMINANCE is an Ultimate Wife WYSE GYRL’S BFF


  • LOCK onto his coordinates using every extra set of eye balls in technological advances known to AI, robotics and mankind like the CIA with every other intelligence agency in the world, riding shotgun, for all future away excursions … Get wise.


  • Learn from the experience and move on and share with other women because the transparency and insight may help them through similar challenges which we can all blow out of proportion when our imaginative minds or resort staff offering up TMI play tricks upon us


  • Protect your legacy investment at all costs and from all threats, both foreign and domestic. Your husband is your legacy and your investment. You’ve bet your entirely happily-ever-after on him. Proceed accordingly. Get wise.
Ultimate Wife Extra Set of Eyes

Ultimate Wife Extra Set of Eyes