Six Strategies To EMPOWER Your Husband To LEAD and SUCCEED

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Six Strategies To EMPOWER Your Husband To LEAD and SUCCEED : 

#1 Don’t treat your husband like a child, an indentured servant nor the hired HELP on-hand at your beck and call that exists only to please and pamper you. Do cultivate an environment of true empowerment that your husband can effortlessly tap into to achieve, lead and succeed; Allow your husband to make the challenging decisions that demand critical thinking skills which maintains a productive power couple ph in balance and insures that your marriage is a healthy partnership vs a controlling wife-from-hell dictatorship or under-achieving good-for-nada wifey wanna be

#2 Offer and communicate on the regular your complete trust in your husband, convey your trust directly to him and express your confidence that he is qualified and capable in succeeding ; when he knows that you trust in him completely he experiences an empowerment infusion and has solid confidence in his own abilities to succeed;  his confidence is appropriate, balanced and modest never arrogant and commensurate with experienced, effective, trusted BO$$ Husband leadership 

#3 Clearly communicate to your husband your specific needs and expectations as well as your exact vision for the happy, sustainable marriage of your dreams; Empowerment is achieved when the expectations are clear he can clearly visualize what your idea of a sustainable marriage of your dreams looks like and he will understand exactly what steps to take in achieving success which will be instrumental in his ability to deliver the relationship you both agree upon and envision upon that silver platter 


#4 Help your husband to succeed in all that you say and do; Empower him and lead by playing your “position” as a devoted and supportive wife, never emasculating him, but by supporting him with adequate resources; Stock their BO$$ Husband leadership tool kit with the coveted assets to achieve your marital legacy mission 

#5 Fail Forward Clearance : Give your husband the assurance that failing forward is an empowering opportunity to strategically learn from his mistakes and to do better next go-round 


#6 Back Up Plan : Make certain that your husband is well informed through your wise pro-husband empowerment plan, effective and crystal clear communication and assured that you will always be his #1 secret weapon, support system, head cheerleader, life time playmate, soul mate and more importantly his “A” Team BACK UP PLAN   … you’ve got his back and will support him til the end regardless of the outcome, good or bad, in sickness and in health. 




Pro-Husband Empowerment Plan