Ultimate Wife Worth & Marital Wealth Vision

There is more to wealth building and life than than portfolio composition.



There are a numerous variables that impact your marital wealth including taxes, insurance, retirement income planning, estate planning, and more. These are all tied to your specific and unique sustainable marriage and marital wealth goals, your core values as a power wealth generating couple , your legacy objectives and of course, your financial risk tolerance. Inevitably, balancing all of these financial impact components is an ongoing process.


 As an aspiring and accomplished Ultimate Wife, bringing assets to the proverbial table in the mergers and acquisitions marriage is means more than being beautiful with t** and a** and great in bed. The worth of an aspiring and accomplished Ultimate Wife will be measured by her marital wealth mindset, success in sustainable marriage engineering and the marital wealth vision and legacy she helps to plan and execute to benefit her BO$$ Husband. Get wise. 


At the end of the day, it’s not always about getting the best possible return on investment. It’s all about exactly how you and your BO$$ Hubby define marital wealth at each stage of your marriage. So get on the sustainable marriage and turbo-charge your marital wealth plan. Real wealth management starts with the aspiring and accomplished Ultimate Wife and transcends your portfolio’s colored pie charts illustrating a “diverse” portfolio.  Real wealth is what the aspiring and accomplished Ultimate Wife chooses wisely to do with the wealth that exists within her husband and his portfolio (even lack thereof when she marries him); she can choose to build wealth and a sustainable marriage or she can choose the path of the average wife to spend-spend-spend, bind her husband in debt, keep up with the Joneses and be a hyper-materialistic end user consumer that looks rich but is not rich; Real wealth accumulation begins with the aspiring and accomplished Ultimate Wife’s mindset about money, her command mastery of money and financial literacy and her desire to build a net worth worthy of a CHAMPION vs existing in debt and being broke with nothing but depreciating assets to show for all of her time and lack of effort ; Real wealth, therefore will be about teamwork and the worth of the wife chosen to co-lead in the mergers & acquisitions marriage; real wealth will be about about the hard conversations, the vision and the goals. Are you saving and investing enough now to meet your sustainable marriage and marital wealth goals? Are you disciplined and budgeting effectively to free your husband from the notion of debt bondage ? Are you in control of your money and wealth plan or is your money controlling you?  What is your marital wealth vision? Get wise.


Wifey U Wealth Vision