Among the infinite reasons even beyond the moral and logical, for aspiring and accomplished Ultimate Wives to avoid VICE like the deadly plague that it is and protect their BO$$ Husbands from VICE is the cost and adverse impact of VICE itself to self, society, marriage, families and wealth; VICE is simply illogical, counter-productive and far too expensive with zero return on investment and an absolute threat proven historically to both marital wealth and sustainable marriage engineering. Recognize and get wise.



Find a Husband consuming and/or paying for pornography or frequenting strip clubs or engaging vice and you have just witnessed the manifestation of an average wife asleep at the wheel, this shame of Ultimate Wife. These distractions are so destructive and non-sustainable time will prove (again and again) that they simply serve one primary purpose on the surface , to part a fool from his/her money, complimented by another stealth but primary purpose, to destroy souls. Get wise.  




A fool and his money are soon parted. A foolish average wife and her marital money and her marriage are soon parted when she fails to protect her husband from vice such as strip clubs, pornography, whores and any other non-sustainable activity, immoral product or destructive product.  Get wise.



Mission critical to marital wealth and sustainable marriage engineering is capturing your BOSS Husband’s mindshare, gaining control of the marital assets for maximum wealth creation and wealth preservation, systematically eradicating all vice and insulating your marriage from all threats to your homeland security and finally, putting happily-ever-after on LOCK. This can be accomplished when aspiring and accomplished Ultimate Wives get wise about the threats to their marital wealth and sustainable marriages.





Pornography, strip clubs, whores and vice are never appropriate in the sustainable marriage but these vices are absolutely appropriate for HELL where they belong and the hell-bent non-sustainable marriage. Average wives aka remedial learners, get the memo and take notes. Get wise. 



- Rhonda Coleman Albazie Head of School Wifey University




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An Average Wife Fool And Her  (Husband's) Money Are Soon Parted