Wifey U Wealth : Deca-Millionaire And Beyond

Aspiring and Accomplished Ultimate Wives are highly intelligent, focused women who know and appreciate not only the true value of money but true wealth. We are not hyper-materialistic end user mass consumers, we are solid wealth builders and wealth preservationists. We do not work against our wealth, our full portfolio potential nor our husbands by binding them into debt with senseless, illogical out-of-control spending  or depreciating assets acquisition, we don’t feel the need to keep up with the Joneses and we’re most definitely allergic to depreciating assets and being broke. We are more impressed with our marital portfolio balances, return on investments, our passive revenue streams and how hard and successfully our wealth is working for us than designer handbags, clothes or shoes or homes and exotic cars that are financially unsound. 



“My idea of a great date night with my husband is reconciling our portfolio, discussing the market, ROI, wealth preservation and devising strategies to save more, turbo-charge our wealth building, maximize our survive and thrive and launch new revenue streams. Intelligence orgasms in heavy rotation.”

 — Rhonda Coleman Albazie, BO$$ Ultimate Wife | Head of School at WifeyUniversity.com 



Aspiring and accomplished Ultimate Wives must gain command mastery over money and embody financial literacy in order to not only build wealth exponentially but to preserve it. A wife can become an asset to her husband by helping him to become wealthy and guaranteeing that his wealth works for him and not against him. 


Earning the first 100k is mission critical to achieving your goal to amassing your very first deca-millionaire status and  building exponential wealth  and here’s how we effortlessly achieve this mega-money mission : 





  • Impress your husband with how much money you  actually save him and how much wealth that you build and how much wealth that you preserve 


  • Eliminating all unnecessary expenses from our budget 



  • Creating a budget and sticking to it 


  • Tracking expenses on a daily basis 


  • Continuously recalibrating our budget for more ways to save and reconciling our portfolio accordingly 


  • Being fashionably frugal 



  • Being rich not “acting” rich rejecting the curse of true wealth —hyper-materialism and end user mass consumerism 



  • Establish liquid accounts for short term savings and set short term savings goals using CDs, Money Market Accounts and Government Bonds 


  • Focus on sending your kids to college for FREE by taking advantage of scholarships based on their merit or your affiliations (for instance my husband is  a retired US Navy Officer and based on his affiliation ALL of my children now attend their prestigious universities for 100% FREE TUITION; based on their own excellent grades they receive additional scholarships for books, incidentals, dorm expenses; FREE COLLEGE TUITION IN AMERICA IS 100% ACHIEVABLE which yields more wealth for parents and doesn’t force the students into debt bondage by taking out student loans. Get wise) 



  • Establish an emergency fund which is 3 times your income 


  • Reduce your tax burden and seek the guidance of a qualified CPA for a comprehensive tax elimination and tax reduction strategies which you should begin planning well in advance; increase income and revenue streams but eliminate or reduce taxable income as a lifestyle 



  • Get rid of interest on loans and eliminate all credit card or student loan debt; Living fashionably frugal does not mean going without the finer things it means prioritizing debt and eliminating (the curse of Ultimate Wifedom) credit card debt ; Also pay down or eliminate student loan debt and leverage your liquid funds to pay for cars , boats, computers or other big toys in cash ; Pay down your mortgage interest and analyze debt on large purchases for ways to eliminate interest or the debt altogether before you spend 



  • Maximize contributions to your 401(k) and all employer sponsored wealth building programs first



  • Create additional revenue streams to cultivate and turbo charge your wealth ; always re-invest your income from revenue streams  to purchase even more appreciating assets including real estate, stocks, commodities, bonds, invest in scalable start ups all to build even more wealth ; once you have amassed your first $100k USD then reinvest that to create your next 10 100k units and repeat over and over and over until you’ve achieved multi-millionaire status ; your money should always be working for you not against you ; the fastest way to generate wealth is by creating solid, proven track record wealth creator revenue streams and eliminating debt, hyper-materialism or mass consumerism 



  • Maximize all of your skills and talents as an aspiring and accomplished Ultimate Wealth to build wealth fast ; Help your husband to maximize each and every one of his skills and talents to build additional wealth ; Not a single skill or talent should be wasted, instead you should endeavor to maximize your survive and thrive to generate wealth by optimizing each and every talent and skill that you have developed up to this point and all should be working effectively in play as an additional revenue stream ; when you focus on your skills and talents you can easily build additional revenue and live debt free effortlessly becoming a multi-millionaire 



  • Take control over your spending and minimize or eliminate costs by being frugal ; you will have more confidence with the wealth you’ve amassed by not trying to keep up with the Joneses ; Ways to take control of your money and decrease expenses are infinite ; Start with living well below your means and in a house that you can afford many times over ;  eliminate things that are not necessary including magazine subscriptions, gym memberships, coffee, dining out regularly, clothes and shoes, expensive cars, commuting expenses that could be reduced by using public transportation, frequent salon visits, fake nails (the biggest waste); and the list goes on and on … 



  • Once you’ve achieved your first deca-millionaire status hire a pro wealth manager to advise you on building wealth but make sure you’ve invested in your own wealth preservation by becoming financially literate and astute in investments and portfolio management ; Choose your financial advisors wisely by checking not only their background, track record and SEC records but also obtain references from their clients and perform due diligence on their own wealth and successes within their own portfolio 



  • How to invest your first $100k and your first deca-million to create your next deca-million and beyond : Relentlessly cut your expenses, live well below your means, eliminate debt and tax burdens, create revenue streams and invest in real estate, oil, gas, minerals, energy, stocks, bonds, commodities, franchises, scalable start-ups, technology, health-care


  • If you put $5,000 a year into a Roth IRA starting at age 20, earned 10% a year, at the age of 75 you will have accumulated $10,343,253 tax-free;  role model wealth building and compound interest in investing as a fashionable lifestyle to benefit your husband, your wealth marriage and also mission critical :  teach your generation next children how to amass a fortune by starting a wealth mindset while their young and help them establish wise wealth strategies by role modeling wealth building and wealth preservation


Learn more about Wifey U Wealth Building strategies by visiting Wifey U Wealth for tips, tools and resources on being truly wealthy. Get wise.



Deca-Millionaire Status

Deca-Millionaire Status