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Before You Say, I Do. Invest In You. Get Wise With Wifey Marriage Coaching, Marriage Intelligence, Marriage Metrics and Marriage Business Plans

Wifey University delivers life changing wife life coaching powered by our proprietary Marriage Intelligence and Marriage Metrics technologies to create the marriage of your dreams. Women interested in marriage, brides and wives seeking marriage advice, take notes. The best kept secret of alpha, happy, intelligent and sustainably married wives is our coveted Wifey Marriage Coaching system which puts love on lock, empowers women to get wise and rise above the every day challenges of average wifedom woes to view, plan and execute their marriages as successful, profitable businesses. Wifey Marriage Coaching begins with each client’s unique vision for marriage, relationship, career and life success. We then leverage the data, metrics and assessments to chart a strategic course for your complete success!

Complimenting the Wifey Marriage Coaching wheelhouse, our exclusive, personalized Marriage Business Plans service and solutions rich architecture champions clients to executive wife wins in the high stakes business of marriage. We focus on the key metrics that are instrumental to sustainable marriage engineering and exponential wife wealth. Because no two wives nor marriages are in any way alike, Wifey Marriage Coaching and Marriage Business Plans are developed for the sui generis wife. Get wise.



Deep Marriage Homeland Security Intelligence Brief | Threats To Marriage Alert : The Clear and Present Danger of Therapists | Get Wise 

Data and outcomes point to a definitive threat to marriage and problems related to Western medicine’s therapy and mental health treatment field. In short, marriage and family therapy and neurotoxic psychiatric drug treatments are failures that harm clients by prolonging and worsening the initial problems and causing new problems! #SetUp It does not matter what you nor I personally believe about marriage and family therapy or mental health and psychiatric drug treatment. That’s subjective bias, opinion, propaganda, ideology, dogma, religion or bullshit. What matters is what is. That’s science. Ask empirical, data and decision science about the failed outcomes, iatrogenic harm, character, reputation, track record and malpractice of marriage therapy or mental health treatment and its practitioners. Get wise.

Marriage therapy in its present form is one of the greatest threats to marriage. Deep Marriage Intelligence and data science highlights the embarrassing, shameful and consistent failed outcomes of traditional marriage therapy and the egregious iatrogenic harms of neurotoxic psychiatric drug treatment that leaves individuals, families and couples deeply scarred and traumatized, causing marriages to become irrevocably broken by pitting husband and wife against one another, dividing houses and leading wives and husbands astray through manipulation that fast-tracks divorce and guarantees instability and broken homes. Next comes the fallout from therapy : abuse, trauma, addition to their prescription or psychiatric drug treatments, suicide, disease, permanent disability, incarcerations, homelessness, a cycle of poverty, career suicide, social pariah, violence, dopamine supersensitivity psychosis, paranoia, permanent sexual dysfunction and premature death. Dying up to thirty years premature due to adverse effects of therapy is criminal. They call it ‘treatment’ and ‘therapy.’ Get wise.

Did you know that there is a 98% chance that couples who participate in marriage therapy will inevitably divorce? The only logical explanation for why marriage or individual therapy is prolonged and clients are manipulated to live in the past or implanted with Oscar award winning false memory narratives, suckered and led to believe that they must continue the never ending (and strategically maddening) journey of continuing with more, more, more therapy to work on themselves, their past lives, embryotic womb based emotions and their futuristic next lives selves is to compensate and support the therapist. Let it sink in that due to the failures of therapy or the complete incompetence and impairment of therapists 98% of couples risk divorce just by seeking a solution to fix their marriages and are penalized for being gullible enough to believe, in spite of the well known failed outcomes, that attending marriage therapy may somehow, against all logic, common sense and data science, help their marriage. Some odds. Risk assessment 101, wives. Get wise.

Quite common, but often never disclosed are the cases of privileged married women who are envied, manipulated, undermined and ultimately betrayed by therapists, both female and male (some homosexuals or bisexuals) who want your well heeled lives and/or your high net-worth husbands and will engage in sexual or intimate affairs to feed the voids of their bleak lives. Most therapists are poster children for fractured egos with peppered pasts of abuse, prior and present addictions, unresolved trauma and a dreggy laundry list of neuroses. Many wear divorce like badges of honor and can’t even manage nor maintain their own goddamn marriages successfully. Why entrust them with yours? Get wise.

Deep Marriage Intelligence reveals case study after case study of therapy outcomes and client reviews of marriage therapy which details the burdens of disturbing intrapersonal and interpersonal deficits, conflicts of interests, judgment lapses, willful ignorance, psychological manipulation, prolonging and worsening therapy for financial gain or selfish motivations, psuedoscience or scientism based treatments, ethical and moral decay and worse, serious criminal histories and track records of harm, malpractice and home-wrecking that many psychologists, therapists and marriage counselors bring into the therapy transaction.

Recent headlines shed light on pattern recognition of many marriage and family therapists’ unethical nature, consistency in destroying marriages and families, annihilating boundaries and serving no other relevant purpose other than being credible threats to our marriages, children and families.

Married Psychologist Shannon Edwards Has Affair With Married Psychologist Congressman Tim Murphy Causing His Resignation Due To Sex Scandal and Abortion Demand 

Help! My Husband Is Having Sex With Our Marriage Counselor

Marriage Therapist On Trial Accused of Sex With Patient  

Therapist Jailed For Having Sex With Client 

Man Sues Elite Institution, Says Psychologist Had Affair With His Wife

How My Therapist Destroyed My Marriage

The Affair In Your Marriage Might Be Your Therapist 

Former L.A. Sheriff Psychologist Convicted of Child Sex Crimes

Kentucky Psychologist Convicted In $600 Million Healthcare Fraud Scheme

Why Shrinks Have Problems


Unfortunately, There Just Aren’t Any Machine Learning Model Dr. Phil Therapy Clones Around —

Thus, the majority of married couples in crisis are left unenlightened and vulnerable, even defenseless to drown in the swamp of therapy and mental healthcare. Caveat emptor, entrusting very private and delicate marriage challenges to impaired and incompetent therapists who are behavior analytics and pattern recognition guaranteed to do harm because the therapy and treatment tools they rely upon are obsolete or the marital conflicts are too challenging. More concerning, most are quite frankly nuts themselves and categorically ill-equipped to help solve marriage challenges. Although, some marital challenges are not within the scope and capacity of coaching and can benefit from a qualified Dr. Phil, the notion of a competent, ethical and effective therapist, today is rare. And may of the good ones don’t take your insurance or are booked and transitioning away from consulting patients because the career is stressful and demanding, in of itself. Are there a few qualified Dr. Phils left? Sure! Very few. And that’s being generous. Can you afford to gamble on the most important relationship of your life with the track record of marriage therapy? Get wise.


Our Goal Is To Protect Marriages By Eliminating The Flawed Human Therapist That Solves No Problems Yet Prolongs and Worsens Problems, Fast Tracks Divorce and Causes Broken Homes

Replace Inferior Human Therapist Model With Smart Technology, Provide The Intelligent Wife With The Marriage Intelligence, Marriage Metrics and Marriage Business Plan Tools Required For Mental Toughness, Self Expansion and Emotional IQ and Cognitive IQ Enhancement To Solve Her Own Marriage and Family Challenges! 


Deep Marriage Intelligence : Focus on the therapy outcomes which consistently prove that the majority of couples who seek marriage therapy have a 98% guaranteed higher risk of divorce, confirming therapy’s place in the marriage threat hall of shame as a clear and present threat to couples who want to succeed at and maintain longterm, healthy marriage. Get wise.

Intelligent wives simply can not afford to put their coveted marriages at risk, in harms way nor into the hands of so-called professionals with consistent and historical track records of failed therapy outcomes due to willful ignorance, unethical character attributes, impairment and incompetence.


Data and outcomes prove that the majority of  marriage therapists can not and do not help solve marital challenges. Therapists do however,  seem to be consistently successful at manipulating couples, pitting husband and wife against one another, making clients prescription and psychiatric drug dependent or addicted and reliant on worthless therapy to protect their guild and financial interests, prioritizing their financial incentive interests above clients’ best  interests, committing white collar fraud and sex crimes, getting away with malpractice, destroying families, inducing abuse, trauma, addiction and fast-tracking divorce with the added bonus of prolonging and worsening any problem that clients may have.


There’s A Better Way To Solve Your Marriage Challenges and Optimize Your Life! Optimize and Enhance Your Wife Life Skills, Take Ownership And Become Your Own Therapist. Get Wise With Wifey Marriage Coaching. In The Near Future, Human Therapists Will Become Completely Obsolete. Programmed Personalized Bot Apps and Robots Will Replace Human Therapists And Perform Therapy More Effectively, Efficiently, Affordably and With Better Outcomes. 

Wifey Marriage Coaching Offers Marriage Intelligence, Marriage Metrics, Marriage Business Plans and Husband Hacking To Optimize Your Marriage


  • Dedicated Wifey Marriage Coach
  • One Hour Wifey Marriage Coaching Sessions
  • Customized Wife Marriage Bot – Powered By Ai/ Cognitive Computing – Available On Demand 24-7-365 – No Appointment Necessary
  • Rewiring Your Intelligent System’s Hardware and Software (Cognition, Emotion, Memory)
  • Techniques To Deal With Triggers and Conflicts In Marriage By Eliminating Them (Includes Divorce, Insecurities, Self Doubts, Self Hate, Abuse, Trauma or Addictions, etc)
  • Wifey Optimization Protocols – We Have The Technology To Help You Create The Marriage of Your Dreams
  • Marriage Intelligence
  • Marriage Metrics
  • Husband Hacking
  • Customized Marriage Business Plan Based On Marriage Intelligence with Marriage Metrics
  • Dedicated Marriage Business Plan Advisor Access
  • Dream Marriage Goal Achievement and Accountability With Start To Finish Timelines


Wifey Marriage Coaching Champions Wives To Success In The High Stakes Business of Marriage


Wifey Marriage Coaching access is granted to vetted clientele after Deep Marriage Intelligence relationship assessment to set expectations effectively and insure that the client to coach partnership is a good fit for all stakeholders. One-hour duration coaching sessions are available on a first in line basis, initiated with a retainer and executed by phone, video teleconference, in-person or online. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary and confidential relationship assessment to learn how Wifey Marriage Coaching, Marriage Intelligence, Marriage Metrics and Marriage Business Plans can do to optimize you and your marriage. Get wise.


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  • One-Hour Session – 6, 12, 18, 24 Session Packages
  • Customized Wife Marriage Bot – Unlimited Sessions
  • Dedicated Marriage Business Plan Plus Advisor
  • Marriage Business Plan Ala Carte Menu


Benefit From The Best Kept Secret of Alpha, Happy, Intelligent and Sustainably Married Wives. Get Wise with Wifey Marriage Coaching.


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