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The Marriage Intelligence Expo

Wifey University is the world leader in executive wife training, marriage intelligence, marriage business plans, the alpha wife algorithm, interlocked network asset appreciation, femininity training, solutions architecture, diy be your own marriage and family therapist, sustainable marriage engineering, divorce proof protocols, concierge husband care, executive husband management, husband success  sequence plans, the marriage intelligence expo and bridal show, HNW family office and wife wealth empowering women to win big in the high stakes business of marriage. 

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As the premier marriage intelligence and wife change agent operating as an exclusive school, consultancy and luxury wifey retreat business that serves a sophisticated clientele of aspiring and accomplished Alpha Wives worldwide. 



The Alpha Wife Algorithm 

Executive Wife Training 

Marriage Intelligence 

Marriage Business Plans 

Family Business 

Family Office 

Wife Wealth

Sustainable Marriage Engineering 

Concierge Husband Care 

Marital Sex Protocol 

The Science of Oral Pleasure and Smart Sex 

Help Your Husband Succeed

Family Law Fast Track 

Legacy of Love 




The Summa Cum Laude of Alpha Wifedom 

Magna cum Laude of Marriage 

Cum Laude of Marriage Conflict Resolution 

Divorce Proof Valedictorian 

Sustainable Marriage Engineering Salutatorian 


Wifey University delivers marriage education and training and implements it’s proprietary Marriage Intelligence, Marriage Business Plans and Alpha Wife Algorithm and hosts the Marriage Intelligence Expo to help wives win big in the high stakes business of marriage. 

Founded in 2010 by Rhonda Coleman Albazie, Alpha Wife, Head of School, Wifey Coach, Author, Speaker, Private Equity Managing Partner, Family Office Head, Serial M&A Entrepreneur and Philanthropist.