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Marriage Expectations Anonymous Support Group

October 14, 2022 @ 6:00 pm - December 16, 2022 @ 7:00 pm

Wifey University | Marriage Intelligence

Wifey University Marriage Expectations Anonymous Support Group | Have a problem with high expectations for your husband and your marriage? There is a solution. Wifey University’s Expectations Anonymous has a program that works for wives. It’s based on wives helping wives. For decades Wifey University has been helping women to evolve from the trap of unrealistic high expectations in marriage. If your high expectations are out of fucking control for your husband and your marriage, Wifey University can help.


  • Do you have high expectations that your husband isn’t able to meet
  • Have you ever been told that your expectations are unrealistic for marriage and men
  • Do you scream at your husband
  • Do you criticize your husband
  • Do you emasculate your husband
  • Do you compare your husband to other (perceived more successful) men
  • Do you complain about your husband not living up to your expectations
  • Do you feel like your husband or his family undermines or discounts your expectations
  • Do you think about or are you planning on divorcing your husband over unmet expectations

Many women are unaware that unrealistic expectations for their marriage and their men is the root cause of non-sustainable marriages and inevitable divorce. Don’t become a unrealistic or too high expectations divorce statistic. Get wise @WifeyUniversity THE WORLD LEADER MARRIAGE INTELLIGENCE, MARRIAGE BUSINESS PLANS, EXECUTIVE WIFE TRAINING AND WIFE WEALTH.

Keep expectations low for contentment yet high for self-improvement. Learn the tools Alpha Wives leverage to effectively align your expectations with the reality of your marriage and your husband and STILL win BIG in the high stakes business of marriage. Get wise @WifeyUniversity

Our Marriage Expectations Support Group Meets Bi-Monthly on Fridays Online Via Wifey University Live Stream and On Campuses In California, Colorado, Texas, London and Switzerland Through December 2022. New @WifeyUniversity Campus In Dubai, UAE Opening In 2023.

Take our High Expectations Self Assessment here. 

Attend our FREE Live and Live Stream Wifey University Marriage Expectations Anonymous Support Group.

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