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How To Help Your Husband Succeed

Help Your Husband Succeed by Wifey University

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From the Best Selling Book by Rhonda Coleman Albazie, How To Help Your Husband Succeed by Wifey University Publishing

”If you want to make the world a better place, go home and help your husband and heirs succeed.” — Rhonda Coleman Albazie, Alpha Wife, Founder and Head of School @WifeyUniversity

Helping your husband succeed is at the forefront of the Alpha Wife mindset and it offers a few humble advantages including :

  • Helping your husband succeed makes you feel better about yourself
  • Helping your husband succeed strengthens your connection and is component of divorce proof protocols
  • Helping your husband succeed improves every area of your husband’s life
  • Helping your husband succeed optimizes your husband’s health
  • Helping your husband succeed manages and eliminates stress
  • Helping your husband succeed makes the world a better place
  • Helping your husband succeed helps your take control of your marriage
  • Helping your husband succeed is empowering and inspires
  • Helping your husband succeed is putting acts of kindness into practice on the regular

Ways To Help Your Husband Succeed Part I

  • Put your husband and marriage first above everything
  • Prioritize concierge husband care
  • Express husband appreciation on the regular especially in public
  • Provide clarity in communication, be direct, brief and to the point
  • Empower your husband
  • Maintain an emasculation free marriage
  • Create and maintain your master marriage calendar with important events and milestones
  • Set legacy of love marriage goals
  • Create your marriage business plan
  • Deliver marriage intelligence briefs on the regular
  • Create and live by a budget
  • Enhance your emotional IQ with strong interpersonal and intrapersonal skills
  • Develop command mastery of conflict resolution, strategy and negotiation skills
  • DIY Be your own marriage therapist and master conflict resolution
  • Maintain a well-organized, clean and meticulously maintained executive residence
  • Deliver the Executive Husband After Work Decompress Protocol
  • Invite your husband to VIP@ClubIntimacy
  • Provide liberal amounts of affection including kisses, hugs and cuddles
  • Help your husband to relieve stress with frequent, on-demand exciting marital sex and sensual pleasure and of course, initiate sex often
  • Eliminate all consumer debt, ideal debt-to-income ratio should be below 20% and maintain a debt free marriage
  • Reject hyper-materialism
  • Always be investing
  • Maintain multiple, high yield passive revenue streams
  • Always prepare healthy, organic gourmet and primarily plant based meals that optimizes your husband’s health
  • Establish and stick to a regular exercise routine that will help your husband stay fit, active and healthy
  • Serve as your husband’s chief of staff
  • Establish and helm your HNW family office
  • Help your husband to be a life long learner and achieve professional degrees and licenses to level up professionally and personally
  • Encourage your husband to pursue his dreams and achieve his highest potential
  • Listen with intent to your husband’s concerns and feedback
  • Ask your husband how was his day and how he feels and help him express his emotions productively and work through emotions
  • Insure a stress free executive home where your husband is free to relax, emote, recreate and rejuvenate
  • Hire domestic staff and/or complete domestic chores on your own to free up time and insulate your husband from time bandits
  • Vet and insulate your husband from high conflict people including dysfunctional family members
  • Monitor your husband’s career and be prepared to support him in exiting companies that aren’t serving his best interest and decide when his own promotions and pay raises shall be by changing jobs as required
  • Build your husband’s dream team to help him succeed
  • Manage your husband’s legacies projects
  • Deliver DIY 5-star luxe at home spa treatments including facials and massages
  • Send love notes, romantic text messages and other endearing, positive communication
  • Maintain a happy, positive, productive and conflict free home with an ambience conducive to sustainable marriage engineering
  • Insure your husband gets plenty of deep, restorative sleep
  • Make regular executive concierge medical appointments for your husband and help your husband to be the CEO of his own health
  • Date your husband, plan limitless self-expansion opportunities together and be your husband’s dream Wifey
  • Be your husband’s refuge
  • Learn patience
  • Surprise your husband with care packages
  • Lend your voice, activism or volunteer to causes your husband cares deeply about
  • Love

How Do You Help Your Husband Succeed? Share your top ways to help your husband succeed for a chance to win @WifeyUniversity swag. Get wise.

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