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The Alpha White Male Husband | Wifey University

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Many women of color including America’s most successful and elite black women (from U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris to Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson and Megan Markle) and other women of color and power are strategically switching teams and choosing to exclusively date, mate and mergers and acquisitions marry alpha white men (WASPS and JEWS) — the most coveted of husbands and most privileged class on planet earth. The majority of Asian women have cornered the market on Mergers & Acquisitions marriage to elite white men — boasting maximum empowerment, trophy real estate and lives of incomparable privilege. Do these elite women of color including black women at the very top of the social hierarchy who exclusively date and wed elite white men know something that the rest of us don’t? Are alpha white men better lovers? How’s the sex? Do white men have bigger ——? Pete Davidson isn’t the only poster child for white male BDE. Do wives achieve limitless self expansion with a elite white husband? Are marriages to elite white men more sustainable? Are elite white men presenting enhanced emotional IQ? Are interracial marriages more conflict free without the issues and challenges that many minority men face? What’s the data show? Proof of concept. Get wise with marriage intelligence on the advantages and benefits of adding an interlocked network elite white husband to your portfolio. Discover our incomparable Wifey University interracial experiences and tools to take your mission possible to the next level. Connect with a community of women of color who celebrate white men and win big in the high stakes business of marriage? View our Interracial Marriage Intelligence infographics, tune in to our webinars and podcasts and attend our Interracial Dating Mixers in San Diego, Denver, Dallas, Zurich and London to meet the interlocked network’s most eligible, elite white male bachelors for business and pleasure.

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