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Mergers and Acquisitions Marriage | Wifey University

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A husband can be an appreciating asset (Trophy Husband) that’s worth investing in and going long on sustainable marriage engineering or unfortunately for too many women the wrong choice in a mate can become a depreciating asset, bad investment and marriage from hell burden. How can women make wiser investment decisions in all areas of their lives especially in choosing a life partner? Wondering how to avoid romance scams? Underachievers? Abusers, Cheaters and the rest of the unworthy lot? Get wise @WifeyUniversity featuring tips on avoiding the bad investment and selecting the high yield husband with the character and capacity who is in it to win it. M&A Marriage to an interlocked network appreciating asset husband …. Subscribe to Wifey University premium for the marriage intel you need to make data driven decisions regarding worthy husband candidates for marriage business and pleasure.

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