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The Alpha Wife Algorithm

The Alpha Wife Algorithm | Rhonda Coleman Albazie | Wifey University

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Join us for our exclusive Wifey University Self Care Series at Wifey Beauty Spas and Salons and Beauty IQ Pro Spa and Wellness for our monthly high tea and marriage intelligence primer as we cover The Alpha Wife Algorithm book by Rhonda Coleman Albazie, founder and head of school at Wifey University.

The Alpha Wife Algorithm : The set of strategic rules followed by Alpha Wives then automated leveraging marital intelligence code and smart technologies to solve marital problems, manage their husbands, heirs and family affairs, build exponential wife wealth and create lives they absolutely love. Get with the Alpha Wife program and gain command mastery and success in sustainable marriage engineering, executive wife training, marriage business plans, being your own marriage and family therapist, wife wealth, husband hacking, husband care, helping your husband succeed, marital sex protocols, intelligence orgasms : the science of oral pleasure and smart sex, inlaw-a-nomics, self expansion, indulgence, optimization, marital project legacy and more! Gain invaluable technological empowerment and learn how artificial intelligence, machine learning, bots and data science can optimize your marriage, enhance your cognitive IQ and emotional IQ and transform your wife game. Get wise.

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