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Wifey University Announces Marriage Intelligence Expo 2023 World Tour Featuring 12 Expos In One  

Wifey University | The Marriage Intelligence Expo

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Coronado Island, CA (October 17, 2022) Wifey University PR/PRNewswire

Wifey University, the world leader in executive wife training, marriage intelligence, marriage business plans, sustainable marriage engineering, divorce proof protocols and wife wealth announced the launch of it’s experiential event, the Marriage Intelligence Expo 2023 created to help women win big in the high stakes business of marriage. 

The annual and global Marriage Intelligence Expo tour will be hosted throughout the Americas, UK, EU, MENA and Asia with the first events starting in America’s finest city of San Diego in 2023.

Featured at the same mega marriage event, mini expos will also be offered including the Marriage Business Plans Expo, the Divorce and Co-Parenting Expo, the Dating Therapy Expo, the DIY Be Your Own Marriage Therapist Expo, the Wifey Meets Hubby Dating Expo, the Ethical Non-Monogamy and Alternative Lifestyles Expo, the Wifey Webcams Expo, the Wifey Weddings Expo, METAVERSE Marriage Expo, the Virtual Wifey Work From Home Expo and the Wife Wealth Expo. 

The Marriage Intelligence Expo connects dating, intimacy and romance stakeholders plus wifeys, bridal, wedding, marriage and family businesses, entrepreneurs and lifestyle brands with buyers, brands, advertisers, trend scouts, influencers, thought leaders, trusted solutions providers, partners, investors, the press and consumers to achieve the cachet of commercial success. 

Fall in love over two glitterati filled days at the Marriage Intelligence Expo featuring up to 250+ wifey worthy exhibitors, swag, curated experiences, marriage intelligence master classes, marriage business plans, Wifey University tv, magazines, films, Metaverse Marriage, NFTs and more.

The event also boasts an awards show, panels, guest speakers, the Marraige Intelligence show book, Wifey Style and Wifey Weddings Fashion Week, Wifey University’s executive wife education and training, it’s signature Marriage Intelligence and Marriage Business Plans Conference plus wifey beauty, skincare, spa, weight loss and wellness, wifey makeovers, workshops, luxury gifting suites, award winning artist entertainment, themed afterparties and luxury raffled prize giveaways.  

Founded by Rhonda Coleman Albazie, serial M&A entrepreneur, author, keynote speaker, podcast host, media consultant, wifey coach, executive producer and Alpha Wife, the upmarket marital consultancy delivers online and on campus marriage prep featuring 100+ executive wife education and training courses, wifey coaching, interlocked network elite executive matchmaking with online dating, dating therapies, wedding and bridal subsidiaries, a wedding registry, wifey x couples retreats, VIP club intimacy events, branded products and media including its’s podcast and scintillating book series. The Wifey University reality show, executive produced by Coleman-Albazie is currently in the works. 

Coleman-Albazie has been living the Alpha Wife American Dream, sustainably married for almost four decades to her school sweetheart and award winning Trophy Husband, —- Stan Coleman, LtCdr USN — a retired and decorated U.S. Navy officer and a gentleman, luxury yacht charter captain, engineer, JD, real estate broker – developer – builder and executive manager defense contractor with the world’s number one defense firm, Lockheed Martin. 

“ I love supporting wifeys and advocating for marriage intelligence, marriage business plans, diy marriage therapy, mature love and healthy sustainable marriages via Operation I Love You.” — Rhonda Coleman Albazie, Alpha Wife, Founder, Head of School and Wifey Coach @WifeyUniversity

Shop the Marriage Intelligence Collection featuring our exclusive ”Wife Lives Matter” brand now or at the expo. Book a discovery call or visit WifeyUniversity.com online to learn more about our expo, opportunities for attendees, speakers, panelists, exhibitors, sponsors and more. Take advantage of our Marriage Intelligence Expo’s early bird discounts to become a Marriage Intelligence Expo attendee, exhibitor, sponsor or vendor.

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