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The person we choose to marry is the most important decision of our lives. Thus, establishing a plan for long-term success in marriage is mission critical. The benefits of planning and establishing your marriage as a successful, healthy, profitable, appreciating asset and business has many advantages and delivers exponential return on investment for winning wives in the know. Get wise @WifeyUniversity.

Wifey University delivers the marriage intelligence and marriage metrics technology powered by data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning to create custom marriage business plans based on your unique marriage, marital profiles and marriage visions.

We’ve all heard the quote, “Fail to Plan. Plan To Fail.” The wives (and husbands) who fail to plan, plan to fail in marriage.

The wives without a customized Marriage Business Plan based upon Marriage Intelligence and Marriage Metrics are disproportionately over-represented in perfectly preventable marital conflict, couple misalignment, incompatibility, communication breakdowns, relationship ambiguity, stressors, legal cases for domestic, civil or criminal matters, financial woes, bankruptcy, moral decay, threats to marriage, high risk lifestyles, under-achievement, relationship regret, unpleasant surprises, health decline, mental weakness, worry, anxiety, cognitive decline, emotional immaturity,  willful ignorance, headaches, useless on loop marriage therapy and inevitably: divorce. Get wise @WifeyUniversity

Marriage Business Plans empowers clients to establish their marriages as a sustainable business model with comprehensive visibility into every conceivable aspect of the most intimate relationship most of us are privileged to experience within our lifetimes. With Marriage Business Plans clients engage in the essential preparation to manage, navigate or entirely avoid marital challenges by leveraging data, predictive analytics, logic, statistics and modeling with foresight and attention to every detail of marriage based upon our invaluable Marriage Intelligence and Marriage Metrics. Get wise @WifeyUniversity

Marriage Business Plans was founded in 2014 by Wifey University Founder and Head of School, Rhonda Coleman Albazie, Alpha Wife with three plus decades of divorce-proof sustainable marriage engineering expertise, a serial mergers and acquisitions entrepreneur with a background in investment banking and business development, business planning and business consulting.

At the prestigious, Wifey University creating customized marriage business plans was a welcome addition to the rigorous Executive Wife Training curriculum to insure the high achievement, self-expansion, autonomy, cognitive iq and emotional iq enhancement agenda of wifey alumi and also to guarantee their get wisery regarding effective planning, management and maintenance of a productive and successful marriage — and mission critical, execution of the business of marriage. Get wise @WifeyUniversity

Using a marriage business plan cuts the possibility of partnering with an incompatible, high risk, non-sustainable mate and/or divorcing down by over 87%. Marriage Business Plans is your step-by-step playbook to win the game of marriage. This means that using a marriage business plan dramatically improves your mate selection process and lays the groundwork in planning for complete marriage success. 

Marriage Business Plans are for intelligent men and women only. Individuals and couples who have the capacity for limitless self expansion and a seat at the top social strata tables. 

A marriage business plan eliminates the need for fail to plan, plan to fail, know no better — end game of unresolvable marital conflict ending in divorce.

Marriage Business Plans empowers you to live in the present by planning for a sustainable marriage future, saving you time, hard earned income, energy, emotional labor and effort. Savings afforded by a marriage business plan allows you to reallocate that emotional energy to relevant pursuits and those other saved resources can be reinvested into your investments or self expansion fund or other budget line item funds. Remedial learner marriage therapy client or divorce statistic, no more! When you know better, you do better. Marriage Business Plans is the better you’ve searched for and need. Get wise.

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