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Wifey Meets Hubby

Wifey Meets Hubby Interlocked Network Elite Dating Powered by Marriage Intelligence @WifeyUniversity

Interlocked Network Elite Dating Powered By Marriage Intelligence @WifeyUniversity Wifey University launches its online video dating platform and exclusive VIP Club Intimacy events powered by marriage intelligence. Next level network…

Divorce Recovery & Co-Parenting Retreat

Wifey University The Divorce and Co-Parenting Expo

Process the death of your marriage and effectively heal from trauma with your sisterhood of support system on steroids @WifeyUniversity’s Divorce Recovery & Co-Parenting Retreat. Jammed packed with Divorcelicioius swag,…

Wifey Workouts at the Beach

Wifey Beauty | Wifey Fitness | Wifey Weight Loss

Have fun, get fit and wise while connecting with wonderful Wifeys in it to win it at Wifey Workouts at the Beach. We love connecting, having fun, chopping it up…

Divorce Recovery 101

Wifey Retreats | WIfey University | Divorce Recovery

Are you thinking about, engaged or planning a divorce in the near term and wondering how to completely recover from divorce? Discover the tips, tools, resources, education and training, experiences…