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Have you or your loved ones been diagnosed with a chronic illness, disease or even a mental disorder? Have you been misdiagnosed? Are your symptoms continuing to get worse? Do you feel a lack of energy or low libido. Are you drug dependent and reliant upon doctors?


 Optimize your health by upgrading to a customized nutritional therapy program. 

  • Nutritional Deficiency Testing 
  • Toxic Metals Testing 
  • Food Sensitivities Testing 
  • Meet Privilege Nutritional Therapy RDs and MDs 


To achieve optimize your health you can not remain drug dependent nor reliant on the Western disease model of healthcare that profits from keeping you sick and drug dependent. Take care of your husband and family. Learn to trouble shoot and cure or significantly improve the root cause of medical illness and disease. 

Let food be thy medicine with Privilege Nutritional Therapy. 


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Event date: 07-01-2015 1:00 pm
Event End Date: 07-01-2015 2:30 pm
Individual Price $1,250.00
We are no longer accepting registration for this event
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