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Win A Wifey Beauty Makeover

Wifey Makeover | Beauty IQ Pro | Wifey Beauty

Enter To Win A Free Wifey Beauty Makeover … From Botox to Liposuction, Breast Lift or Implants, Tummy Tucks and More… Valued at Up To $100k, You Can Win A…

Wifey University Sisterhood Sorority

Wifey University | Marriage Intelligence Expo

Wifey University Sisterhood Sorority | Like the big sisters, girlfriends and squad you wish you had. We’re here to pay it forward and to support women in their journey … Are…

Wifey Weddings FREE Wedding Plan Event

Wifey Weddings | WIfey Bridal at Wifey University

FREE Wedding Planning Event with Wifey Weddings. Meet our team of wonderful Wedding Planners for this FREE Wedding Planning event. Learn how to design the wedding of your dreams with…

Wifey Workouts at the Beach

Wifey Beauty | Wifey Fitness | Wifey Weight Loss

Have fun, get fit and wise while connecting with wonderful Wifeys in it to win it at Wifey Workouts at the Beach. We love connecting, having fun, chopping it up…

The Alpha Wife Algorithm

The Alpha Wife Algorithm | Rhonda Coleman Albazie | Wifey University

Join us for our exclusive Wifey University Self Care Series at Wifey Beauty Spas and Salons and Beauty IQ Pro Spa and Wellness for our monthly high tea and marriage…