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The Marriage Intelligence Brief

Marriage Intelligence Brief at Wifey University

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The Marriage Intelligence Brief @WifeyUniversity 

My Trophy Husband @StanColemanRE needs current and  real time, relevant, high quality, Alpha Wife grade information to make data driven decisions in the best interest of our marriage, heirs, careers, family foundation, health, wealth, legacy  and family office @ApprovedAmerica. 

As the Director of Marriage Intelligence (DMI)  @WifeyUniversity (data scientist and data analyst) I comb through numerous high level, top secret and open source databases, intelligence reports from global security agencies including but not limited to @NSAgov @StateDepartment @DeptofDefense @DIA @CIA @FBI @DEA @ATFHQ @DHSgov @SCOTUS @TheJusticeDept, Wall Street, World Bank, global economic reports, law enforcement and open source intelligence to deliver insight, research, analysis and the relevant information in a 20 minute brief, concise, beautiful presentations accompanied by data visualizations packets to empower and help my husband helm marriage, succeed in all areas of life, make data driven decisions and thrive in any terrain.

Trophy Husband (TH) 

Marriage Intelligence Brief (MIB) 

The Marriage Intelligence Brief covers all concerns of my Trophy Husband related to our marriage, family, health, wealth and legacy including but not limited to marriage intelligence and analysis, marriage business plans, heir development, legacy (of love) projects, marital terrorism alerts, moral decay, ignorance, ideologies, dogma, beliefs, consensus, anti-American sentiment, social movements, bio surveillance, pathogen, disease and health threats, longevity innovation, privilege health alerts and optimization, futurism predictions, trends, investment opportunities, risk assessment, stock and commodities market movements, portfolio positions, migration, demography, location intelligence; known knowns, known unknowns, unknown knowns, unknown unknowns and grey rhino events; foreign policy, intelligence, globalization, geopolitical, current, cultural and social events and more. Get wise @WifeyUniversity.

Trophy Husband (TH)

Marriage Intelligence Brief (MIB)

What’s information is important to you, your husband, marriage, family, health, wealth, wellbeing and legacy? Get wise @WifeyUniversity

Learn how to create your marriage intelligence brief and comprehensive marriage business plan to gain a comprehensive view into your marriage, achieve your marriage goals, navigate the challenges and terrain of executive marriage and design a dream marriage and lives you love with @WifeyUniversity tools, tips and resources.

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