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Wifey Workouts at the Beach

Coronado Island Coronado, CA

Have fun, get fit and wise while connecting with wonderful Wifeys in it to win it at Wifey Workouts at the Beach. We love connecting, having fun, chopping it up on all things Wifey Life and working out together oceanfront on the beach in sunny San Diego to get and stay in shape, lose the...


Wifey University Sisterhood Sorority

Coronado Island Coronado, CA

Wifey University Sisterhood Sorority | Like the big sisters, girlfriends and squad you wish you had. We’re here to pay it forward and to support women in their journey … Are you a wife, mother, woman? Single never married? Separated? Divorced? Married? Connect with @WifeyUniversity to join our sorority of sisters who are here to support...

Divorce Support Group

Coronado Island Coronado, CA

The Wifey University Divorce Support Group. Connect with wifeys, hubbys and couples who are thinking about divorce, separated, currently divorcing or already divorced in our divorce recovery support group for social connection, resources, tips, tools and events to help you process, grieve, learn from and effectively move forward from divorce to thrive. The Wifey University...


Wifey Weddings FREE Wedding Plan Event

Coronado Island Coronado, CA

FREE Wedding Planning Event with Wifey Weddings. Meet our team of wonderful Wedding Planners for this FREE Wedding Planning event. Learn how to design the wedding of your dreams with Wifey Weddings : Budgeting Guest List Management How To Hire A Wedding Planner Select Wedding Theme Select Venue Select Caterer Wifey Weddings Cinematography Wifey Weddings...


Wifey University Alpha Wife Yacht Sailing Saturday

Coronado Island Coronado, CA

  Join Wifey, Rhonda Coleman Albazie aka The Alpha Wife and her U.S. Navy Officer Husband and Yacht Master Stan Coleman, LtCdr USN for Alpha Wife Yacht Club x Sailing Saturdays …. Seafood, Champagne and Decadent Desserts. Passionate nautical aficionados, our power of love couple has taken their Navy Officer career to the next level...


Wifey University’s Real Estate Investor’s Network

Wifey University Wife Wealth Real Estate Investors Network LaJolla Village Drive, LaJolla, CA

Join Wifey University’s Real Estate Investor’s Network Investing in real estate is a proven system to build wife wealth. Wealth grows through compounding aka putting money into an investment on the expectation that you will receive a return on investment and more money back later. Historically, real estate has been a consistent compounder for a...

Marriage and Real Estate

Coronado Island Coronado, CA

An Operation I Love You mission critical meeting jammed packed with marriage intelligence to help wives win BIG in the high stakes business of marriage. Offering an in-depth marriage intelligence brief on Marriage and Real Estate from our Wifey University on-demand Wife Wealth series featuring our resident real estate broker, listing/buyers agent and real estate legal...


Marriage Business Plans Brunch

Coronado Island Coronado, CA

Join Wifey University for our monthly Marriage Business Plans Brunch. Fail to plan. Plan to fail. Get wise @WifeyUniversity The World Leader in Marriage Intelligence, Marriage Business Plans, Executive Wife Training and Wife Wealth. Transform your marriage into a lucrative for profit business, define your marriage goals, chart a course for the success sequence with...


Marriage Expectations Anonymous Support Group

Coronado Island Coronado, CA

Wifey University Marriage Expectations Anonymous Support Group | Have a problem with high expectations for your husband and your marriage? There is a solution. Wifey University’s Expectations Anonymous has a program that works for wives. It’s based on wives helping wives. For decades Wifey University has been helping women to evolve from the trap of unrealistic...


Wifey’s Couples Retreat Hawaii

Wifey Retreats Hawaii Maui, HI

Go VIP Club Intimacy, reestablish and recommit to your marriage with Wifey Retreats in Maui, Hawaii for our 5-star adults only couples retreat in Maui, Hawaii. Enjoy romance, intimacy and connection with your partner and other couples in Wifey University’s intensive 5-day marriage retreat and this ultimate romantic escape. . .by happily married couples for...


VIP Club Intimacy Sandcastles x Champagne On The Beach

Coronado Island Coronado, CA

Go VIP Club Intimacy at Wifey University. Learn to build sandcastles and enjoy champagne on Coronado Island Beach in sunny San Diego, California. Up close and personal, lol fun for couples at every stage of the marriage life cycle. Live your best life as husband and wife or significant others or hot date opportunity. Beach...